Nissan 350Z & G35 Exhaust Systems

Ditch the restrictive stock exhaust and improve the sound and performance of the VQ35 engine with one of the ISR Performance 350z single exit exhaust systems.

From Y-pipe, headers and stainless steel 3 inch cat-back systems ISR performance creates some of the best, most affordable race proven 350z single exit exhaust systems in the market.

Browse our inventory for your Nissan 350Z exhaust system and and place your order now.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Exhaust System

Some of the benefits of upgrading your Nissan exhaust system include:

  • Improved Fuel Economy

    Upgrading your 350z exhaust system can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy and gas mileage, by reducing the restriction of the flow, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. Unless you develop a heavy foot, then your gas mileage will suck....big time

  • Horsepower increase

    Restrictive backpressure bottle necks the performance of the VQ35de engines. 10-20hp can be obtained from a full exhaust system.

  • Higher Quality Sound

    A straight hi flow exhaust brings out the distinct tone of the 350z and gives you giggles when you are on throttle.

For more information about our Nissan 350Z exhaust systems and G35 exhaust systems, contact us by phone or shoot us a message through our live chat or email. If you need help selecting the right exhaust part for your Nissan 350z, we are here to help!