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ISR Performance Nissan 350Z GT Single Exhaust W/ Y-pipe Combo

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Jack up the car only once, and not only save time but money when you bundle both the ISR 350z exhaust and the 350z Y-pipe! That my friends is called efficiency!

ISR Performance Nissan 350z Single exit exhaust

 ISR Performance Single GT exhaust is a y-pipe back exhaust system made of mandrel bent stainless steel to ensure the highest reliability and quality. This 350z Single exit exhaust gives you all the advantages of unrestricted flow to maximum horsepower while retaining a deep and aggressive exhaust tone. This single GT exhaust is the perfect combination for both naturally aspirated and forced induction applications. Combine with an ISR 350z Y-pipe and test pipes to finish off your exhaust system all under $1K.


Provides a deep and aggressive exhaust tone
Lighter then factory exhaust 
Precision TIG welded Stainless Steel
Brushed Stainless finish 
Polished tip and muffler
3" exhaust with 4.5'' muffler tip 


ONLY works with Nissan 350Z 

The ISR Performance 350z / G35 Y-pipe utilizes 2.5" stainless steel piping along with bellowed flex sections running from the 2 bolt catalytic converter flanges back to the high performance velocity merge. The Y pipe then steps to 3" stainless piping coming out of the velocity merge to the rear 3" exhaust flange. The Y pipe also features an integrated dimpled gusset plate tying the two individual runners together for increased strength and rigidity.

The ISR Performance Y pipe was designed to provide the best possible exhaust tone, ground clearance, and performance, all at an affordable price!

 What’s in the box:

1x 3'' Mid pipe

1x 3'' Muffler section with 4.5" tip

2x 2 Bolt 3" Exhaust gasket 

4x Bolts /4x Nuts

 1x 350z / G35 Y-pipe

 2x 2 bolt 2.5” exhaust gaskets

 1x 2 bolt 3” exhaust gasket

 6x bolts

 6x nuts

1 Review

Marco Vargas Sep 20th 2020

Full ISR exhaust

The exhaust is great, I got the bundle for a reasonable price. The shipping however took about 2 months for my Y-Pipe. I contacted support asking them and they kept delaying it further and further but I won’t give them to much hate due to COVID delaying everything.I asked if I could get a free shirt because of the long wait and they said yes and asked for my size but I never got it. The actual exhaust and resonator took about 4 days to come in. Over all it’s a great product.

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