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ISR Performance GT Single Exit Exhaust - Nissan 370Z

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Rev the VQ37 and hear its distinct, aggressive growl after you install this ISR Performance Single exit GT exhaust for the Nissan 370Z.  In addition to its resonator box creating the kind of deep and powerful sound you want, this single exhaust also delivers when it comes to performance. The design of this exhaust system component allows unrestricted airflow to the engine, which means unhampered horsepower for your ride.

Contoured for Clearance

When you install aftermarket parts on your tuner, fit is essential, and this single exhaust is made with precision in mind. The mid-section of this 370Z ISR exhaust is shaped with a hump so it clears the W-brace. That means its shape reduces the chance of rubbing against the sub-frame of the rear chassis brace. So, you enjoy reduced friction and the only sounds you pick up are the sounds of the car engine when you're driving. 

Lightweight Quality Construction

A mandrel is used to bend the stainless steel of this ISR exhaust for the 370Z, creating precise curves that fit properly without adding bulk or excess weight.  It's lightweight, so when every pound counts for performance, it can help your vehicle maintain it's sporty edge. Plus, it's made to last, with precision TIG welding holding everything together.

Increased Efficiency

The ISR single exit for the 370Z provides an efficient way to carry expired gases away from the engine. The exhaust system that utilizes 3 inch piping making it flow good enough for both naturally aspirated and forced induction setups. This provides increased fuel efficiency when the engine is under load and it helps keep it running smoothly. A car typically gains a boost of power when it's running with a single exhaust and this type of emissions system also adds to the all-important deep and aggressive exhaust tone you want your engine to deliver when you're racing.

Visually Appealing

The way your car performs is only part of the equation, and this ISR single exhaust also helps add to your Nissan's visual appeal. It's an eye-catching exhaust because of its brushed stainless finish and polished tip. The 3-inch exhaust pipe at the end of the 4-1/2" muffler tip shines and catches the light and adds a touch of panache to your car exhaust.

Untouched Factory Emissions

The ISR catback for the 370Z mounts behind the factory catalytic converter, and that's an eco-friendly advantage. Catback installation leaves the factory emissions system on your Nissan intact. You gain the benefits of a customized single exhaust while keeping the emissions system of your Nissan in compliance with regulations.

Installation Components Included

ISR performance products are made for off-road use only, and can specifically enhance your racing experiences. The parts that come standard with this single exhaust include: 

  • A front pipe with a resonator box 
  • A 3-inch muffler section with 4.5-inch tip
  • A pair of 2 bolt 3-inch exhaust gaskets 
  • 4 bolts
  • 4 nuts 

Treat yourself to the satisfying performance and the sound quality you deserve from your car when you choose this ISR Performance Single GT exhaust for your Nissan 370Z. 


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