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ISR Performance Exhaust Y-Pipe - Nissan 370z / G37

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Preorder date - Jul 31st 2023

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ISR Performance Exhaust Y-Pipe - Nissan 370z / G37

The ISR Performance 370z / G37 Y-pipe utilizes 2.75" stainless steel piping along with bellowed flex sections running from the 2 bolt catalytic converter flanges back to the high performance velocity merge. The Y pipe then steps to 3" stainless piping coming out of the velocity merge to the rear 3" exhaust flange. The Y pipe also features an integrated dimpled gusset plate tying the two individual runners together for increased strength and rigidity.

The ISR Performance Y pipe was designed to provide the best possible exhaust tone, ground clearance, and performance, all at an affordable price!


What’s in the box:

1x Exhaust Y-Pipe

2x 2.75” 2 bolt exhaust gaskets

1x 3” 2 bolt exhaust gaskets

6x nuts

6x bolts





** All ISR Performance Products are Designed for Off Road Use Only **

1 Review

Brian kress Oct 28th 2020

IRS y pipe

Great quality awesome work and sound

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