1993 Nissan 240sx W/ Fresh 450whp LS Swap

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1993 Nissan 240sx S13 W/ Fresh 450whp LS Swap

**Car is Located in near Riverside California. **

Contact Owner - HERE

The car is currently registered/titled in Arizona. Located in Southern California


2004 Corvette Engine with only around 45k miles on it.
The motor made 450whp before the swap, it also has TSP cams and springs.
The motor was also just fully gone through by the mechanic that installed it. New seals and gaskets, oil pump, plugs and wires, filter, oil, coolant, etc.
New bell housing
New seat rails, DND seats, DND Steering wheel
New Carbyne Design Wheels and new tires
New Nameless hydro handbrake. Currently setup as pass-through, but depending on the price I can include an extra set of new Parts Shop Max r32 calipers and pads for a standalone/dual caliper rear setup.
Optima red top battery
Complete new custom chassis harness, engine harness, relay/fuse panel, and switch panel(all done and installed by the same mechanic.
GKtech complete front super lock angle kit
Rear Parts Shop Max camber arms, toe rods, etc
Larger R32 brakes front and rear
Poly bushings
Stance Coilovers
roll cage, tubed front end, bash bar/tubed bumper in rear.
crow harnesses
Collins Shifter setup
Full Collins Adapter LS swap kit(everything, even headers).

*I have the new front end body parts for it, they just haven't been installed yet*
Fenders I just bought for it(Either fine line tuning or Origin Lab)
New KBD front bumper and side skirts
New Duraflex Silvia hood
With the hood and fender setup it is a pop-up style bumper with a silvia style hood, which creates a perfect size hole for an led bar on each side. It gives it a unique look and aggressive style. It's the same style front end setup as Duane Mckeevers white s13.

Wired for headlights or led bars. Currently have small bars on there but those are for my motorcycle so I will most likely be keeping those. If you want to get other led bars they are pretty cheap.

I will be as transparent with this as I can, I want people to know what is left:
It will still need a new harmonic balancer, right now it's using one that we had laying around that isn't in the best condition.
It needs a small plastic spacer for the shifter from Collins
And I recommend putting on an exhaust because currently it dumps at the headers since I was going to do a 3" straight pipe, but thought I would leave that open so whoever buys it can get what they want.
If you want to get the work done from the same mechanic that worked on it, I can get you in touch with him.

I do not have time right now, and that's why I'm selling it. I ended up dumping way more money into this thing than I wanted to(in just a matter of a few months) and now I'm at almost $20k with this thing. Since I no longer have any time to use it, that's not something I want just sitting around while someone can be using it. So, it has to go.

Asking $18k obo
After so low I'm just going to keep it, or I already have offers from friends.
If you want a $10k car, you can find one with a tired motor or one that has been used and abused that you'll need to put another $10k+ into.

*You can finance through Offroad Loans if you need financing*
>I can also take $10k or more and let you use a credit card for the rest if necessary(If you need to throw some on a card to help you pay over time, since some cards also allow up to 18 months no interest. We would need to discuss this option since it isn't preferred, but I'm willing to consider it).
Mainly looking for cash

ONLY possible Trades I might consider would be a restored/restomod classic truck with an LS swap, or classic muscle car with LS swap
Newer UTV with lower mileage/hours on it, no issues, worth at least $18k
Newer toy hauler with separated front room with queen or king bed.
A nice/newer wakeboard boat with no issues
Or clean title 2018+ Honda Civic Hatchback with no issues
Any trades will need to at least be worth $18k or more, or you will have to put cash on top.


**Car is Located in near Riverside California. **

Contact Owner - HERE


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